i don’t wanna smell your update.

so i’m leaving for work for some reason and to get to work i drive a car so im driving this car i own down the street. my radio is garbage so it stopped working probably so god didnt have to hear people complain that i was listening to drake and enjoying it, which might be true. because of this crappy radio not working i have to drive in silence which lasts about 3 minutes and then i start singing obscenities to myself which lasts until i pull up next to a lip reader. then the fun begins. anyway, silent car equals silence, but for some reason im hearing children scream and a dog barking. this usually doesnt end up turning out well so i look and see a tiny tiny tiny ass dog chasing my car and keeping pace with it. this was that most hardcore fucking mexican dog ive even seen and im glad it didnt totally catch up with me cause it probobly woulda popped my tire before it’s head got crushed. this tiny dog was badass and fast, and got bored with me at the end of the street. it ruled.

oh hey answer a question for me? why do condors look like theyre made out of ball skin?