lets get sketchy!

hey gang. while i float away on a new coltrane live set and a ryan adams marathon (and some  other things) i zapped up a couple of new sketchcards for the kids. one of these is of everyones favorite serpent of various appendages, Snake from MonkeyDogSnakeHuman:


The second is of one of my favorite Dc characters, Cosmic Boy from the Legion of Super-Heroes.


The Cosmic Boy one is now up on Ebay, which would be awesome if it were bought by someone that thought it was awesome for someone they thought was awesome. Ten Percent goes to the comic book legal defense fund, a cause that is really near to my heart. so thats cool.


Next card will be of my favorite character, so most of you know who that is. Meanwhile keep on enjoying new MonkeyDogSnakeHuman strips!

– love jabby