Hey Feb 1st was Hourly Comic Day (a comic for every hour you’re awake) and I actually remembered this year, AND I had off. Both of these things do not mean I will actually accomplish anything, but the moon and the stars and the outer space aligned, causing many predictions and horrible things to happen, including me doing an hourly comic of my day.

Stuff like this is hard for me for lots of annoying self deprecating imposter syndrome reasons. The number of these done by existing and new artists grows every year and all of them are awesome; the color, the ideas, the lines.

Then that ego killer kicks in. Who the hell wants to read about what I did during the day? I’m boring as shit. I’m not going to plan anything exciting and force it, and the interesting things in my life I am still working on stuff for. But doing something is better than doing nothing, so here is my hourly comic for this year.