fathers day

fitting my mouth would not stop wanting to exlode, perhaps as a reaction to not wanting to stop putting things into it. food, not other delicious things.

hi i update this alot.

the exploding mouth throbbing kept me awake all night into the fatherless morning and the sky got lighter in a camoflage pattern through the trees and i still said ow. i watched golf, the golf that is making long island trafficy and i could have done anything else but instead could do nothing else because pain keeps you still somehow, it should really make you run and scream. it keeps me still.

i woke up after falling asleep (its not always in that order) and woke up again to my brother this time as a shadow in the doorway of my bedroom office room life room and he gifted me this terriffically awesome ric flair figure.



its a fitting gift, as ric flair is awesome and gifted my his awesomeness like a father would give his son, and i dont mean flair’s actual sons, i mean some asshole that is projecting a father status on a wrestling legend that the closest hes even been to was the hallway outside the bathroom he was using where kids were running in and wooing at him. no, i could not be a part of that.

but so today, fathers day, and i have many, i will be celebrating the greatness of ric flair, as should you. just dont get into any road rage incidents please, unless they are really fucking deserving a smack. then go for it.